Portfolio / First Nations

Nisichawayasihk Community Store

Construction – 2015
Area – 10 000 sq. ft.

The project was the design of a new 1 000m2 community store to meet the current and future needs of the First Nation. The store is a hub for the community, providing dry goods, fresh meat, fresh produce, mail services and the community billboard. The store is owned by the First Nation, keeping the profits and benefits in the community.

The store was designed to address the aspirations of the Owner, including energy efficiency, security, durability and to minimize the operations and maintenance costs. The building systems were designed with non-combustible construction to minimize the risk of arson and fire damage. The exterior envelope utilized insulated metal panels to provide a durable, continuous insulation system that was erected during the winter season. A solar wall to passively preheat the incoming fresh air was also incorporated into the mechanical system to reduce the energy requirements for heating.